In 1993, the Carolina Nut
Cracker was no more than a hope
in the heart of Tom and Ethel
Britt.  Just one year later, their
dream became a reality and the
Carolina Nut Cracker was
established.  Hard work and
determination soon turned the
Carolina Nut Cracker into a local

Tom and Ethel were initially satisfied with being a
local distributor, but word of mouth soon put them
on the map.  More and more people from further
away started ordering nuts, tins, and gifts.  
Carolina Nut Cracker is proud of the hometown
service, which they always have offered, and
continue to offer to you from the convenience of
your home.  The Carolina Nut Cracker has
reached the perfect balance of being large enough
to service most accounts with a growing seasonal
inventory, yet small enough to give each customer
individual, personalized attention.

You might wonder what keeps
people coming back for more.  It
is quality products, like our
whole pecans, pecan halves for a
healthy snack, or chopped pecans
to help with your baking needs.  

So if you are looking for a unique
taste or flavor......
or looking for a special something
for that someone special is
driving you "nuts", give us the
opportunity or let us ship them

Carolina Nut Cracker
545 Edwards Store Road Mount Olive, North Carolina 28365
(919) 689-2308