We understand that you may have concerns.....

Is my credit card secure?
Your credit card transactions are secure. All on-line orders are encrypted and sent through our
secure server, using SSL technology to prevent information from being intercepted.

Confidential information such as your credit card number will be used only to fulfill your order. To
protect your privacy, we will ask you to enter your credit card number and expiration date each
time you place an order with us. This way, even if someone else accesses the account information
stored on your computer, they won't be able to use your credit card.

What about my personal information?
When you place an order, we ask for your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and
so forth.

Your name and address information is used solely for verifying your identity and for processing
your order. We do not share, rent or barter any personal information. We will not disclose any
personal information unless required by law to do so.

What about E-mail?
Information contained within general email inquiries sent to
customerservice@carolinanutcracker.com is used solely for the purpose of responding to your
inquiry. Your request for a product may be entered into a general database to help us track
requests from customers. Your identity is not recorded in this database.

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